3DMotive – Unity 5 Add Ons – Volume 2 2017 TUTORiAL

3DMotive – Unity 5 Add Ons – Volume 2 2017 TUTORiAL | 1.48 GB

In this Unity 5 Add Ons course, instructor Alan Thorn surveys a varied selection of powerful assets from the Unity Asset Store. Aimed at intermediate users, see how to enhance your workflow and productivity by integrating varied assets into your projects. Across three in-depth modules you’ll see how to harness the awesome power of both free and commercial assets. See how to get access to a huge, free library of motion capture data to increase the believability of your character animations.

Learn how to build advanced custom shaders, how to plan animations and camera angles, and how to add incredible post process effects to your cameras. Further, learn how to extend first person functionality and introduce incredible action-based gameplay, and learn how to effectively rig 2D characters. Each asset is introduced and its fundamentals explained to get you up and running with powerful content quickly and easily. By the end of this course you’ll be strongly positioned to extend beyond the default Unity feature set for building amazing games fast…

Volume 2
Project Files
Chapter 1 – Intro
Chapter 2 – Introducing FlowCanvas
Chapter 3 – Scripting Functionality
Chapter 4 – Scripting with FlowCanvas
Chapter 5 – Handling Events
Chapter 6 – Preparing for More Complex Uses
Chapter 7 – Completing Animation with FlowCanvas
Chapter 8 – Introducing ShaderForge
Chapter 9 – ShaderForge Interface
Chapter 10 – Double Sided Materials
Chapter 11 – Colors and Channels
Chapter 12 – Texture Combining
Chapter 13 – Conclusion

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