MakeMusic Finale v25.3.0.276 x64

MakeMusic Finale v25.3.0.276 x64 | 3.18 GB

Finale is the world-wide industry standard in music notation software. Anywhere music appears on the printed page, Finale likely created those pages. Finale helps the choir to sing, the band to march, the students to learn, and the orchestra to raise the excitement level in the latest blockbuster movie.

What’s New in MakeMusic Finale 25:
Create Your Way
– Whatever music you imagine, the new Finale can bring it to life, more quickly and easily than ever before.
– Now a full 64-bit application, the new Finale includes many under-the-hood enhancements resulting in improved performance. But that’s only half of the equation.
– While Finale has always been recognized as the software that can create ANYTHING, the new Finale also streamlines your workflow so that you can create in a more intuitive and efficient manner.
– Plus there are new ways to sync with other apps, new sounds, and better ways to share your music with others.
– Take control of your music, your creative process, and your legacy.

Get more done in less time
Finale has always been recognized as the music notation software that can create anything. The new Finale simplifies the creation process in multiple ways.

– While previous versions of Finale could create tall time signatures, like those seen at left, it admittedly took a few steps. Today it’s easy.
– When entering notes into transposing staves, the new Finale plays the correctly transposed pitch both upon entry and playback.
– An all new Aria Player greatly simplifies and expedites the selection of instruments from the ever-growing library of stellar Garritan sounds.
– We’ve also made new looks possible (including contoured dashed slurs) and eliminated dozens of bugs.

Connect with ReWire support
– The new Finale includes ReWire support making it possible to use Finale simultaneously with top digital audio software including Digital Performer, ProTools and Logic.
– Imagine you’ve created a pop tune in Logic and want to add a live horn section. With ReWire you can create the charts in Finale, press play in Logic, and hear both programs playback simultaneously – and remain in sync. You’ll hear how your horn parts work against the existing audio tracks – before the performers come into the studio to play them.
– ReWire will also benefit anyone writing for film as it also allows you to synchronize with the video support found in programs like Digital Performer, ProTools and Logic.
– Connecting with other programs is one more way Finale helps you create your way.

64-Bit Support and More
– Finale is now a full 64-bit application. This means that you can take best advantage of the processing powers of modern computers.
– It also ensures that Finale can maintain compatibility with future operating systems and makes it easier for Finale developers to improve your user experience more quickly.
– Finale users utilizing high-end sound libraries know that many of these are 64-bit only. The new Finale will allow them to use these libraries directly in Finale, without any intervening 3rd party software AND allow them to load more samples into memory than ever before.
– While a major undertaking, this 64-bit compatibility is just part of the forward-looking enhancements found in the new Finale. We’ve also overhauled Human Playback (today it responds instantly when you press playback) and expanded Finale’s MusicXML import and export so you can share music (back and forth) with users of other software more accurately than ever before. And of course you can share files with Finale 2014 without any conversion at all!

New Garritan Sounds
Great playback sounds inspire not only our listeners, the inspire the creative process. When you hit play and the results exceed your expectations, you push harder, too. The library of premium Garritan sounds included with Finale has been significantly augmented with more than 100 new additions, including a stunning Concert D grand piano from the award-winning Personal Orchestra 5, dozens of exotic world instruments, plus new keyboards, brass, woodwinds, choirs, strings, mixtures, percussion, and more.

What’s New in Finale Version 25.3
– Crescendo and Decrescendo Openings. The opening width of short and long crescendo/decrescendo markings are now independent of each other and can be set in the Smart Shape Options dialog box.
– MusicXML Preferences. Restrict MusicXML formatting has been added to the MusicXML Preferences dialog box.
– Nonstandard Key Signatures. A Symbol button has been added to the Symbol List dialog box. This allows Unicode Musical Symbols to be used as accidentals in nonstandard key signature definitions by selecting them from the Symbol Selection dialog box.
– Finder and Spotlight. Metadata has been improved and updated to 64-bit. This allows users to search by Title, Composer, Copyright, Description, Time Signature, Key Signature, Lyricist, Pages, Page Width, Page Height, Content Creator, Duration, Fonts, Default Music Font, Arranger, Subtitle, Staves, Parts, Instruments, and Tempo. See Finale Spotlight Plug-in.
– Simple Entry Cursor. The Simple Entry Cursor now reflects the color selected in the Preferences – Display Colors dialog box for each layer. See Entering multiple voices with Layers or the QuickStart Videos to see this in action.
– SMuFL Symbols. If a SMuFL font is installed locally, SMuFL symbols are imported when a MusicXML import or export is performed.
– MusicXML Export. MusicXML export supports nonstandard key signatures created with Unicode symbols.
– Patterson Beams. Patterson Beams has been updated to respect Keep Octave Transposition in Concert Pitch. See Patterson Beams Plug-in and the Document menu.

– Keep Octave Transposition in Concert Pitch has been added to the Document menu. This will allow C instruments that transpose by octave to maintain their transposition when Document > Display in Concert Pitch is selected.
– A Measure Number Bar now appears along the top of the screen in Scroll and Studio View.
– Use current document if empty has been added to the MusicXML Preferences dialog box. Wonder what that does? I did too. In the past, when importing a MusicXML file, the import process would place your MusicXML data into a new document. The new file would have the same spacing, fonts, margin widths, etc. as your default file. This new option allows you to open any empty file (like a template) and import the MusicXML data into that file.
– Two new templates, Marching Band Tabloid and Studio Orchestra, have been added. Updates have also been made to the Drum Corps and Marching Band Letter templates. The Studio Orchestra template creates the look of a Hollywood film score, and was used to create the example seen above.
– Horizontal Scrolling has been enabled with trackpads (Windows only).
– New options in the Audio Setup dialog box (an Enabled check box and a Device Error Log button) allow users to enable or disable audio drivers and review any errors associated with those drivers (Windows only).
– Several bug fixes and refinements are also included.

Registration procedure
01. Install Finale v25.
02. Disconnect the computer from the Internet.
03. Start the Keygen.
04. Choose in the keymag Makemusic Finale v25
05. Generate SerialNumber.
06. Start Authorization Now.
07. Enter the user name and serial number.
08. Click Next. Continue to offline authorization.
09. Select "Website or Telephone".
10. Enter the UserCode in the Keygen.
11. Generate AuthorizationCode with the help of keygens.
12. Complete the authorization.

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